I'm a Tech and AI Enthusiast, Writer, Podcaster, and Health Coach


I have dealt with severe respiratory challenges since 2018 and those setbacks have not taken my soul. I was hospitalized 14 times in 10 months with pneumonia and I'm a true believer that we have to keep fighting with our eye on the BIG Picture... LIFE.

I may be here to inspire, motivate, teach, or train you to use my knowledge and experiences to help you as you continue on in your journey of life.

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About Me

Born in Los Angeles, California, WB Suhail grew up playing baseball, football, and basketball. He’s left-handed, the middle child, and the boxing historian is very competitive. 

WB Suhail is a dedicated professional with a strong background in strategic innovation, content creation, and e-Commerce management. His expertise is rooted in Business Development, Digital Strategy, and Public Relations, supported by academic credentials that include a Master of Arts in Public Relations and a Bachelor of Science in Digital Cinematography, in addition to technical diplomas in Radio Broadcasting and Information Technology.

With a genuine passion for the digital media landscape, Suhail has honed his skills in writing, producing, directing, and editing, focusing on creating meaningful content across various platforms such as motion pictures, radio, television, and the internet. He also possesses the technical know-how to adapt digital media for the web, ensuring content is accessible on a wide range of devices from mobiles to tablets. 

Suhail’s blend of creative talent and technical expertise makes him a valuable asset in any digital strategy or content creation endeavor, always with an eye towards health, AI technology, innovation and accessibility.

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